• Data Recovery

    Recovers data from all media,SD card,Pen drive,Hard Disk,CD etc.

  • Networking

    Support For Windows Server, Linux, Unix,AIX etc.

  • Anti-Virus

    Anti-virus delares for Quick Heal and Net Proctector

  • Hardware

    Repair of all components upto chip level.

  • Migration

    Migration could also mean moving from Windows server to a Linux-based operating system.

  • Web Development

    Web Baised applictions or website designs


Our Services

             GRS is a leading provider of multi-channel contact center services. We combine a highly skilled and experienced workforce with industry best practices and the latest in contact center technologies to deliver superior results at a substantially reduced cost for our clients. We offer a complete range of services from PC repair and maintenance for small installations to complete IT facilities management for multi-user networks. We do everything from removing viruses, worms and spywares from your PCs to ensuring privacy and security of your network. Our Computer Maintenance and Support Services (CMSS) is a comprehensive computer installation, maintenance, diagnostics, repair, technical support. It is designed for small and medium enterprises that do not have established IT departments to provide maintenance and IT support............

We offer you a comprehensive package of online technical support services, available 24x7 throughout the year, for your computer, laptops, peripherals and software including:

1) Operating System installations, upgrade, update support.
2) Support for Diagnosis and repair of your hardware.
3) Support for Troubleshooting of software errors.
4) Device driver management support.
5) Support for protection against viruses, malwares, Trojans.
6) PC performance tuning and optimization support.
7) Support for Internet related troubleshooting.
8) Peripheral troubleshooting support.

* GRS Premium Support Includes :

1) Installation & repair of your Operating system.
2) Diagnostic and troubleshooting of your hardware issues.
3) PC optimization for best PC performance.
4) Protection against spyware, virus,adware, etc.
5) Software as well as peripheral troubleshooting.
6) Windows update and software updates.
7) Critical OS patches and driver installations.
8) The internet related issues and troubleshooting.

            24x7 availability of Excellent Technical Support for 365 days. You can connect to Microsoft certified engineer in less than 45 seconds. GRS certified engineer provides you the resolution of the issue with proper explanation of the cause and reason, so that it can be avoided later. No need to wait on Phone to connect to a representative of GRS which is maintaining good resolution rate in the industry.